With over 500 student-athletes representing twenty sports, Tennessee Athletics is a vibrant organization focused on the pursuit of comprehensive excellence in the classroom, on the field, and amongst the community. Tennessee Athletics measures this pursuit in many ways primarily by academic and athletic performance. However, various other positive outcomes are realized by individuals and entities as a byproduct of the presence and activity of Tennessee Athletics. These positive outcomes, whether quantifiable or non-quantifiable, warrant recognition due to their integral role with the economy and community. Tennessee Athletics, along with supporters and beneficiaries, should remain informed about the collective economic and social value being produced and shared from athletics events, financial transactions, and community activities. As such, Tennessee Athletics periodically documents these outcomes for individuals to better understand the value of Tennessee Athletics on the economy and community.

In August 2015, Tennessee Athletics retained Tripp Umbach, a national leader in economic impact research and analysis, to produce a comprehensive report measuring the economic, employment, and government (tax) revenue impacts from operational and visitor spending both at the state and local levels. The analysis measures the impact of Tennessee Athletics as a whole and also includes breakout analysis for football, men’s basketball, and women’s basketball. Additionally, the report identifies a diverse range of intangible community benefits. For detailed information, please view the following links:

Economic Impact and Community Benefits Report Overview

  • Study Period: Financials from Fiscal Year 2014-15 and Game Attendance from Spring/Fall 2015 and Winter 2016 Seasons
  • Report Includes: Tennessee Athletics with breakout analysis for football, men’s basketball, and women’s basketball
  • Study Geography: State of Tennessee and Knox County
  • Methodology: IMPLAN

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